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The Jeep was conceived and created in 1941 as an off-road reconnaissance vehicle to help the Allies win World War II. The rugged versatile machine quickly became a soldiers best friend as it proved it could do just about anything and go just about anywhere.

Throughout the years the Jeep has kept rolling along while staying true to its heritage in both looks and real off-road ability.

Today, the Jeep is one of those rare vehicles that is instantly recognized and loved by millions of people both young and old, all across the world.

This site was built to celebrate the Jeep by sharing photos, videos, jokes, stories, history and more, with a hope that it might also remind us to never forget the heroes the Jeep once served.

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  1. My Pinterest Profile is "There are many heroes of America. One is the Jeep. If It Is A "JEEP" board, you just might find it here. Protect your unalienable rights from government." https://www.pinterest.com/jimhall9/boards/
    My Jeep "Board" is a tribute to the Jeep and to our other Hero's.
    "This is about Jeeps. Most specifically, our World War Two hero, the MB and its immediate off-spring. Along side of the Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen, this warrior stands just as tall, and deserves the same accolades as those in uniform. Both have changed in these past decades, uniforms, and mechanism's have been vastly improved, but nothing can beat the toughness and resilience of the "man" and the "Jeep". Their simplicity endures and they shall remain our hero's." https://www.pinterest.com/jimhall9/jeeps/

    Thank you for memorizing the Jeep in this site.....