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SORRY but most of the content form Jeep4ever.ca (including hundreds of great Jeep photos, artwork, jokes, stories, and history) has been removed. At some point in the future we hope to relaunch the site with new content and a new theme. The focus will continue to be a celebration of the Jeep and our passion for the legendary vehicle. Thanks to all those who enjoyed, shared and commented over the years on the former Jeep4ever.ca

Original Jeep4ever.ca

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  1. My Pinterest Profile is "There are many heroes of America. One is the Jeep. If It Is A "JEEP" board, you just might find it here. Protect your unalienable rights from government." https://www.pinterest.com/jimhall9/boards/
    My Jeep "Board" is a tribute to the Jeep and to our other Hero's.
    "This is about Jeeps. Most specifically, our World War Two hero, the MB and its immediate off-spring. Along side of the Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen, this warrior stands just as tall, and deserves the same accolades as those in uniform. Both have changed in these past decades, uniforms, and mechanism's have been vastly improved, but nothing can beat the toughness and resilience of the "man" and the "Jeep". Their simplicity endures and they shall remain our hero's." https://www.pinterest.com/jimhall9/jeeps/

    Thank you for memorizing the Jeep in this site.....